Anonymous asked:
Where's the character list?

Didn’t Make One. :/ At The Beginning Of Every Chapter There’s A Picture && A Name Of Each Character. I Hope That Helps…

selfiekingdom asked:
So, are you gonna finish the story or is it like already finished....(cliff-hanger)?

This One Is Already Done Love. Lol. I’m Doing The Sequel Now.

I am not the best writer in this FF game. I still need A LOT of improvements in my writing.

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Awoken: Never Been One For False Threats



Kasen sit still please.” Nevaeh begged her one year old son as she tried to put on his tennis shoes.

Never in a million years did she think she’d be a mother at age nineteen but she was and besides stating the obvious, she was doing a pretty damn good job at it.

Awoken: Another Statistic


One Year Later


Los watched as his younger siblings played with his sister in law and his niece in the sand.

A small smile danced across his face as his brother smiled and laughed with his wife while making funny faces at their daughter.

Never in a million years did…

The Page Isn’t Really Complete, But I Don’t Wanna Leave You Guys Hanging Anymore So… Expect Chapter One To The Sequel In Less Than Five Minutes!!! ^__^ P.S. If Anybody Is A BAWSE In Photoshop, Let A Sister Know Please && Thanks. :))

It’s Official!!! Chapter One To The Sequel Is Saved In The Drafts, COMPLETED!!!! *Does The Cabbage Patch* All I Need To Do Now Is Set Up The Page && It’ll Be Good To Go!!! If You Wanna Follow It Now Even Though The Page Looks Like Blah Here’s The Link:

The Second I Finish Setting Up The Page, The First Chapter WILL Be Posted So If You Need To Refresh Your Memory, Please Do So!!! Oh You Guys Are Going To La La LOVE This One!!! ;)

Anonymous asked:
see i love you and all but.. imma need my sequal like yesterday tho...

I Love You Too Boo!!! && I Have To Add The Finishing Touches On The First Chapter && Set The Page Up But Babe, Shit’s Going DOWN Latah On Today!!! Yes That Means That If Everything Goes According To Plan, Chapter One Of The Sequel Will Be Up Today!!! ^__^

psychosocial-breezy-deactivated asked:
Lawdddddd THIS STORY. Woo I am just blown away have you ever thought about writing a book? Hell this fan fiction is good enough to be published lmao. This is amazing.

Thanks Love. It’s Something That Came To Mind. Lol. Thanks Again && I’m Working On The Sequel So Look Out For That!!! ^_^

Anonymous asked:
OMFG!!! that chapter! happy you making a sequal :)

Anonymous asked:
Holy fuck they should've burned that fucking place down damn niggas can't never have a happy ending ughhh and I wanted vaeh and cass back together but if he happy with ashton then I shall let them be but my girl vaeh need to find her a man her ass all lonely and shit. Are you doing a sequel?

Right!!! Even Though Cassie Was Low-Key Out Of It, They Should Have Burned Down The Warehouse. But Hey, Shit Happens. && Everybody Says That. Lol. && Hopefully She Finds Someone Soon. && Yes My Dear, I Am!!! ^__^

shutupkeana asked:
Omfg bitch nigga dro is still alive?!!! Damn when will he die! But Im glad Veah still got her baby!

I Know Right!!! Like Let Me Find Out That Nigga Is Part Cat With Nine Lives && Shit. Lol. && I Know Right. 

Anonymous asked:
YESSSSSSS MA'AMMMMMM!! THAT'S WHAT THE FUCK I AM HERE FOR! Love & Drama.. Yessssss! I am too ready for the sequel. You got skills to kill a nigga for days with your story. Ugh, I jut love you & this story.

Ayeee!!! Lol. Thanks Love!!! I’m Working On The Sequel Right Now. :)

Anonymous asked:
I wonder how awkward its gonna to be for Veah to be around Aston and Cass. (I still have hope for them #TeamCaveah lol) I'm glad her and Kae made up :) I hope Veah's baby is Cass tbh. I hope Drea and Los get back together. :( Dro pressed ass still alive? Ugh did he kidnap Drea? Can't wait until you post the sequel! You're the greatest. <3 <3 <3

I Know Right… AWKWARD! But At Least Cassius Made Things Right By Telling Her That He Was Sorry. && About That…. *Whistles* Lol. && That…. Yes Dro’ Is Still Kicking… Smh. Did He Kidnap Drea?… You’ll Have To Wait && See. && I’m Working On The First Chapter Now. I Still Have To Straighten Out The New Characters && Stuff. But It’ll Be Up Soon!!! :)

yourstrulyxari asked:
-shrieks- Feels like I've been waitin 4this 5eva! Cassie is stupid as fuck I swear. He all fucked up Vae all fucked up & he singin. Nigga. KaeKae was bouta put dem paws on em. I'm just happy he's back😀. Why could I hear this nigga in my head literally wining like a baby talkin bout he wanna see it burn😭(which in retrospect was a brilliant fucking idea😒). Everybody made it out alive (unfortunately but I'll get 2that l8r)! Ugh! I kinda have a confession 2make...

Sorry For The Wait… I Was Trying To Get It All Together… && Yeah Lol. Me Too. I Swear I Was Like Laughing When I Wrote That Part. && Yeah Everybody Made It Out Alive, Both A Good && Bad Thing. :/. && Speak On It Boo!!!

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